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United Airlines travel program

The United Airlines Travel program gives free transplant-related air travel for transplant recipients, candidates, living donors, and caregivers. 

To date, this program has made hundreds of trips possible! We’re delighted with how our program has helped many families in need. However, the number of miles we have are getting low. If you have extra United miles, please think about donating them to our program.

How to get miles 

If you are in financial need, you may be able to use donated miles from the travel program. These miles must be used for one of these reasons: 

  • For an organ transplant recipient or candidate to travel to a medical treatment or consultation recommended by their doctor.  

  • For an organ donor to travel to their donation surgery or to a medical treatment or consultation that needs to happen before donation. 

  • For 1 person to travel with a transplant recipient or candidate who can’t travel alone. 

  • For a family member of an organ donor. This reason is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

To learn more about applying for the program, call TRIO at 1-813-800-8746. To apply, read and fill out our United Airline Travel program application

How to donate miles

  • Call United Airlines at 800-421-4655 

Thank you for supporting this very important and highly used program! 

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