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TRIO July 2022 E-News

  • TRIO Wishes You & Yours a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

  • UNOS CEO Brian Shepard to Leave Organization After a Decade of Service

  • Coming: NEW TRIO Service

  • AST President Calls for More Collaboration to Increase Organ Supply

  • New OPTN Policy Increases Transplant Rate

  • Patients Without Hepatitis C Can Receive Transplants From Donors with Hepatitis C Without Risking Graft Survival

  • Study Shows Age Matching of Kidney Donor and Recipient Influences Long-Term Outcomes

  • Pregnancy After Kidney Donation Shows Low Increased Risk for Complications

  • Doctors Transplant Ear of Human Cells Made by 3-D Printer

  • "Remember and Rejoice" at St. Patrick's Cathedral

  • Heart Failure Patients Unvaccinated Against COVID-19 Three Times More Likely to Die From It Than Boosted Heart Failure Patients

  • TRIO's Transplant Presentation Library

  • TRIO Public Policy/Advocacy July Report


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