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TRIO February 2022 E-News

  • National Donor Day-February 14th!

  • Make Your Voice Heard 14 UNOS Proposals Open for Public Comment

  • Man Receives Heart From Genetically Altered Pig

  • Bioengineered Organs: Not A Matter of "If"

  • Planning for the 2022 Transplant Games of American in San Diego from July 29 to August 3 continues.

  • TRIO Maryland Hosting Safer Living Webinar

  • 30th Anniversary of Scotland's First Heart Transplant Service

  • TRIO Public Policy/Advocacy February Repor

  • "Did a Boston Hospital Deny Patient Heart Transplant Over COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal?"

  • TRIO's Transplant Presentation Library

  • PTC Website Promotion


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