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Public Policy Committee Report, January 2024

The first of the year started off with a series of meetings from Cura Strategies and

Honor The Gift and Venn Strategies for the Partnership for Part D Access.

Cura and Venn reviewed their activities from 2023 and then made presentations on

their plans for 2024 to continue their grassroots efforts for their patient communities.

The Honor The Gift campaign supporting non-invasive blood test rejection monitoring is planning to continue its Congressional efforts, educating legislators and asking for their commitments to point out to CMS that this is needed by transplant recipients. In addition, efforts are being evaluated that include the introduction of legislation on behalf of non-invasive rejection surveillance.

The Partnership for Part D Access efforts will continue to watch for signs that CMS or

the Congress intend to reduce, modify, or eliminate protected status for one or more

classes of patients covered under Medicare.

Finally, the Committee expects that there will be much more news with the HRSA

OPTN/UNOS Modernization program as the issue is debated in Congress and in public.


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