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FAQs about transplants

I have heard that some people’s bodies reject their transplant. Is that normal?   

There is a chance someone’s body may not accept the transplanted organ – this is called rejection. There are many different types of rejection, from mild to severe. There are medicines that help fight the rejection. 

How can I help spread the word about organ donation?

You can become a member of TRIO to help spread the word about organ donation. To find a TRIO chapter near you, visit our TRIO Chapters page.  

You can also join your local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO). To find an OPO near you, visit this volunteer page on 

If a transplant center is far away from my home, where can I stay to be near my loved one during their transplant operation? 

You can check with the transplant social worker at the center. Many centers have arrangements with local apartments and hotels to help families and friends.

You can also call: 

  • National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses at 1-800-542-9730  

  • Ronald McDonald Houses at 1-630-623-7048 

If I had an organ transplant, can my family members get a TRIO Scholarship? 

The TRIO scholarship is open to:

  • TRIO members who are transplant candidates, recipients, or living donors 

  • Family members of above TRIO members 

  • Families who have donated to TRIO

We will post the scholarship application on our website in the spring. You can also call 1-800-TRIO-386 for a copy. 

Where can I send a donation in honor of someone who has passed away?  

You can make a memorial donation to TRIO International or directly to a local TRIO chapter. Please include: 

  • The name of the person you are honoring  

  • The name and address of that person's family 

  • Your name and address 

If you wish, a message will be sent to the person's family letting them know about your memorial donation. 

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