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TRIO is made of associated member chapters. In each chapter, people who have received a transplant help support:

  • Transplant candidates 

  • Transplant recipients 

  • Families of transplant candidates and recipients 

  • Families of organ and tissue donors  

TRIO chapters

TRIO has many chapters across the United States, and even the world. Use the contact buttons on the chapters below to learn more about or to talk with the leaders of that chapter. Most chapters have in-person meetings, or meet virtually on Zoom.

TRIO Austin Tx

Austin, TX, USA

Abby Ruiz, President

TRIO Greater Cleveland

Cleveland, OH, USA

Colleen Gerber, President

TRIO Kansas City

Bonner Springs, KS, USA

Mike Hatcher, President

TRIO Maryland

Baltimore, MD, USA

Marty Maren, President

TRIO Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Bill Soloway, President

TRIO Central Texas

Temple, TX, USA

John Henderson, President

TRIO Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Ryoma Aoyama, President

TRIO Long Island

Garden City, NY, USA

Joy A Oppedisano, President

TRIO Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Ben Babb, President

TRIO San Francisco Bay Area

Cupertino, CA, USA

Nima Chhay, President

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