Henry David

Henry David

Director at large


TRIO Ventura County West Valley chapter

Henry David is a living-donor kidney transplant recipient and a former dialysis patient, and has suffered from chronic kidney disease for many years as a result of diabetes. He is a member of and serves on the board of directors of TRIO’s Ventura County West Valley Chapter.

His educational credits include: . Graduated from Birmingham High School, 1966 . Attended Tulane University in New Orleans, 1966-1968 . Graduated from UCLA with a degree in psychology, 1970 . Received an MBA from Loyola Marymount College, 1983

Henry is an entrepreneurial businessman who began as an intern at Melco Wire Products in Glendale in 1961 and retired as President and CEO in 2000, when he closed the factory. In the intervening years, he also established Melco Trading Company, brokering commodities, and the Coronado Cement Company, importing shiploads of cement into San Diego. In 2000, Melco Engineering—which Henry continues to run— began operation as a virtual firm that manufactures tools for blood-bank donor rooms.

Henry is married to Wendy David. They have two children and live in Calabasas, California.

Contact Information

  • PO Box 8907
  • Calabasas, CA 91372-8907
  • Phone: (c) 818-730-7221 (o) 818-591-1000
  • Fax: 818-591-1073
  • Email: henry@melcowire.com