Dennis Fogarty

Dennis Fogarty

Director at large

elected to the board 2016


Dennis received his liver transplant on Christmas Day, 2004, at the Cleveland Clinic from a 17 year old donor living in his same city of Columbus, Ohio.

Dennis is a retired internal auditor for a power company, one of eleven children (2 girls, then 9 boys!). He occasionally volunteers for Lifeline of Ohio, the organ procurement organization for central Ohio.

Dennis has served TRIO in auditing the TRIO Office Procedures, and more recently has been supporting our strategic plan in helping to recover membership information with phone calls soliciting updated e-mail addresses, etc. a role he really enjoys reporting that it is so interesting to hear member's varied transplant stories.

Contact Information

  • 2291 Waters Edge Blvd
  • Columbus OH 43209
  • Phone: (614) 231-4104
  • Email: