Ron Taubman

Ron Taubman

Past Chapter Council Chair and Board Director

TRIO Ventura County/West Valley (CA)

TRIO member since 2002, past chapter president, past national board member


  • a member of Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO) Ventura County West Valley Chapter since 2002
  • worked in various capacities with TRIO as a member of the Board of Directors, Chapter President, International Board of Directors, Vice President, Member of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Development Committee
  • a two-time kidney recipient, currently waiting for a third kidney transplant
  • worked with the Mendez National Institute of Transplantation (MNIT)
  • taught a formalized 12-session program to dialysis patients, including an educational program on their choices of transplantation.

Contact Information

  • 15763 Kenneth Pl
  • Santa Clara, CA 91387
  • Phone: 818-309-7919
  • Email: