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TRIO is announcing national peer-to-peer virtual support groups for transplant recipients, candidates, and care partners officially opening on August 1st.

 Building on the 2-year success of these local TRIO Oklahoma support groups, TRIO is expanding those weekly, and for care partners, bi-monthly, ZOOM-based meetings.

Meeting links:

> Peer-to-peer (recipients) meet Tuesday and Thursday each week at 7:30PM Eastern. ZOOM link:  using meeting ID: 916-2033-4133 and password: 85044

> Care Partners (Caregivers) meet the first and last Wednesday of each month at 7:30PM Eastern. ZOOM link:  using meeting ID: 826-9024-1864 and password: 85044


Some background

Supporting Organ Transplant Recipients
TRIO-Oklahoma Peer-to-Peer

 Transplant recipients and those waiting on a transplant can have a variety of needs. They may experience a single acute event or have ongoing health struggles. Often, it is a combination of both. When a person comes to the TRIO-Oklahoma website or attends a group meeting, they’ll find that our focus is always on supporting organ transplant recipients in every way possible. That includes psychosocial, emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Some of those needs may be met through simply being in the protective and nurturing presence of someone who has been there. Patient to patient, and peer to peer, we offer discussion around the topics that concern us the most. It’s a learning, caring, and growing environment. 

We try to foster resilience in our peer groups and encourage healthy persistence in complying with our medical team’s advice. Part of building resilience is helping each other with practical discussions around what is really important. 

Supporting Organ Transplant Recipients

> Building trust - TRIO-Oklahoma has had consistent, reliable, scheduled meetings for two years.

> Compliance with the team - Conversations are great, but always keep in mind to “take it to your team”. 

> Developing good habits - Sometimes, simply offering simple advice about making lists, pill reminders, or sleep hygiene, to name a few, can be helpful.

> Eating well - We prioritize supporting our body with good nutrition and enjoy sharing recipes.

> Practical advice on family and caregiver issues - We offer a comfortable and confidential environment to discuss getting the support that is needed.

> Words - Everything from simple reminders to encouraging words are available at every meeting.

> Social support - Those who are awaiting transplant or post-op, can feel isolated and different from the general population. Our unique perspective on life allows us to develop like-minded friendships. 

 Shared by:
Karen Hoyt
Author of The Liver Loving Diet
Vice President TRIO-Oklahoma

Below are just some of the quotes from TRIO Oklahoma's support group attendees:

 “Hope. Community. Education through experience. I was able to meet like-minded, successful transplant recipients and patients who hoped to get better or get a transplant. I was no longer alone. I knew that it was possible to live longer than given years post-transplant, only because of people like Bob! Positivity. A sense of purpose. I can share my story. I share the information that I was able to learn first-hand.” -  Liver recipient 9/15/21 

“Facilities should be required to provide access to peer-to-peer support groups for pre-and post-transplant patients. TRIO-Oklahoma has been extremely successful in providing direct peer-to-peer support information about the transplant process from a patient perspective. They hold weekly meetings via zoom. This type of support is vital to long-term emotional and physical patient health, ensuring a positive outcome for the patient and transplant facility. I personally have a heart transplant and look forward to the weekly meetings for new information and how I can provide support based on my experience.” – Heart Recipient 8/22/12 

“It is not a theory but the fact that cultural understanding and sensitivity have to be addressed in transplantation. There are several issues that must be addressed, and a common theme is getting the proper information and communication with pre-and post-transplant patients. This is where a place like TRIO-Oklahoma can in and close some of the gaps of fear, and untrustworthiness minorities have in the system. TRIO-Oklahoma helps to get the proper information to individuals in a non-judgmental and safe way.  In the TRIO-Oklahoma meeting, a patient can find practical ways of dealing with everyday issues like stress, anxiety, not knowing what’s next in the transplant process, but mainly knowing that you are not alone, and you have a community that is willing to help you in any way possible.” -  2-time kidney recipient  

“TRIO-Oklahoma is a lighthouse in a storm I don’t think anyone is fully prepared to enter. TRIO-Oklahoma gave me hope during a time when I needed it most and, without a doubt, the most helpful program I participated in pre-transplant. The opportunity to meet and discuss a variety of topics from mental health to physical changes with other pre-and-post transplant recipients was uplifting in many ways.” –  Liver recipient 1/4/22 

“My name is Jane Tiger AKA Clina Grace Lumpmouth, and I am a full-blood member of the Southern Arapaho Tribe. I am a pre-transplant liver patient and have been going to my transplant center since October of 2020. I started attending TRIO-Oklahoma meetings and met many members who are like me and others who are transplant recipients. I have received valuable insight and knowledge about transplants from preparation, including nutrition, and exercise regimens needed to withstand surgery and how to stay healthy after surgery. I encourage anyone facing surgery to join TRIO-Oklahoma as I am no longer afraid or insecure.” - Southern Arapaho Tribe– Pre-Transplant- Liver