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Q: I really want to be an organ donor at the time of my death. How do I go about making my wishes known?
A: You can fill out an organ donor card at your local department of motor vehicles when you renew your drivers license. You can also fill out an organ donor card by going to the website of the Department of Health and Human Services: More importantly, you should sit down and have a conversation with your family members (next of kin) to express your desire to donate.
Q: My mom had a kidney transplant 3 months ago and is now experiencing rejection. She is afraid she will lose her kidney. Is rejection normal?
A: With every type of transplant there is the chance of rejection. There are many different types of rejection, mild to severe, and there are medications that help fight the rejection. It would be best if your mom discusses her concerns about rejection with her transplant team.
Q: I would like to donate my United Airlines Mileage Awards to TRIO. Who do I contact?
A: TRIO and United Airlines have a partnership that assists transplant patients with air travel. The program depends on donations of frequent flyer miles to continue. To make a donation of your frequent flyer miles please call United Airlines at 1-888- 467-0507.
Q: I had a double lung transplant 2 years ago and have been doing quite well. Is there an organization that could use my help to spread the word about donation?
A: TRIO welcomes you membership to help support organ donor awareness. Please check the list of local chapters of TRIO and join a chapter if one is near you. TRIO chapters participate in many events to raise donor awareness and often provide speakers to high schools to encourage donation. If there is no local chapter, you can join TRIO as a member-at-large. Also, Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) are in the communities, health fairs, and schools trying to increase awareness about organ donation. They frequently use recipients to help them spread the message. Please contact your local OPO to ask if you can help. You can locate local OPOs by clicking on Organ Procurement Organizations under "Resources" on this website.
Q: A good friend of mine recently passed away. She was very involved with TRIO and I would like to send a donation in her memory. Where should I send the gift?
A: A memorial donation can be made to TRIO International or directly to a local TRIO chapter. Please include the name of the person you are donating in memory of, the name and address of the person's family and your name and address. An acknowledgement will be sent to the person's family.
Q: My daughter is on the transplant waiting list at a center 200 miles from my home. When she has her transplant I will need to stay close by to the hospital. How do I find a nearby hotel that is inexpensive?
A: Check with the transplant social worker at the center. Many centers have arrangements with local apartments and hotels to assist families. Also, try calling the National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses at 1-800-542-9730 or the Ronald McDonald Houses at 1-630-623-7048.
Q: I had a liver transplant 10 years ago. My son is about to enter college and I was wondering if he was eligible for a TRIO Scholarship?
A: The scholarship is open to TRIO members who are transplant candidates, recipients, living donors, their family members and donor families. Look for the scholarship application on the TRIO web site in the Spring or call 1-800-TRIO-386 for a copy.