Board meeting Agenda & notes Dec 17th, 2015

At the board's annual meeting held December 17th, 2015, there were exciting discussions about board challenges both financially and leadership wise in the year ahead.

The meeting's agenda with edited notes see (bold italicized font text) follows:

TRIO Board of Directors
Annual Board Meeting

Thursday December 17, 2015
Meeting by conference call 8:00 to 9:30pm EST

v 8:00pm - Opening greetings – prayer - welcome new board members & guests

v President’s report (Jim)

  • Financial challenges ahead - completing another challenging grant drought year, the recent 'special appeal' and several last minute unanticipated revenues in just the last few days may result in a 'break-even' year with income matching expenses (more details in reports below)
  • CAB formation - Similar to the existing MAB (Medical Advisory Board) consisting of medical professionals, this newly appointed "Corporate Advisory Board" will serve as a consultant resource to the national board consisting of non-medical community members; retiring current national board members Mark Jackson and James Mateiko have accepted appointment to this group with Mark serving as its chair. Both Mark (service of 6 years) and James (service of 4 years) were thanks by the board for their service and on-going support in joining the new CAB

v Secretary’s report - approval of the Sept 19th board meeting minutes (Elizabeth)

v Treasurer’s report (Susan)

  • Financial report for 2015
  • Finance committee’s proposed budget for 2016 - calls for focused grant efforts and optimistically projects a $10k revenue in excess of expenses
  • Discussion on distributing of TRIO financial data (Steve) - board agreed to distribute full year financial highlights in the February Annual Report that goes out to all chapter presidentsalong with several other actions resulting from discussion
  • Board member donation support (Steve)
  • Membership special donation appeal - partial results to date are very promising and along with strong board member donations and unexpected corporate and chapter fund raiser 10% incomes, and several 'checks in the mail' it is looking very hopeful that the "Urgent" message of Dec 3rd may in fact help close the $11k deficit outlook at that time. A special thanks for everyone who contributed and offered ideas that is making this possible. More details to be released after 2015 books close in a few weeks.

v MSD report (Sylvia)

  • Chapter membership/dues report for 2015 (vs. prior years/trends) - with all active chapters dues finally in (2 finally arriving just a day ago) membership numbers continue to track level compared to recent years.
  • Grant committee report - unanswered 2015 grant applications have been replaced with new 2016 applications to address new corporate 2016 funding opportunities
  • Discussion of grant revenue opportunities/improvement (board)

v Nominating committee report (Jim)

  • Nomination slate for 2016 officers – open for nominations from the floor - no additional nominations were offered, so the existing officers were put forth as the voting slate
  • Voting for 2016 officers - same officers from 2015 were unanimously re-elected for 2016 (Susan: Treasurer; Elizabeth: Secretary; Steve: Vice-president; Jim: President)
  • New board member nominations - with retirement of James Mateiko and Mark Jackson (both opting to serve on the CAB), the board voted in two new board members, Henry David from Clifornia, and James Bulalrd from northern New Jersey - see thier profiles on the web site under Board membership and CAB members)

v MAB report on AMA activity forecast (Tom Peters) - MAB chair, Tom Peters summarized recent activity within the AMA looking to support studies of financial incentives for organ donation as a means of increasing donation rates, currently not meeting the demand of transplant candidate needs.

v Strategic Plan focus 3-C’s topics:

  • Chapters: Improving TRIO Chapter health (Ron & Jim)
    • Vote to revoke NE Florida chapter charter for multi-year inactivity - the board voted to revoke the NE Florida chapter's charter based on no activity for past two years and loss of leadershisp contact; efforts are underway to recover any remaining chapter funds as provided for in the TRIO chartering by-laws
    • Chapter development progress (Ron)
    • Revitalization of Chapter Council
    • Chapter health interview form
    • Chapter responsiveness
  • Communications: Insuring effective membership communications
    • Facebook activity update (Susan)
    • Constant Contact E-News distribution/readership analytics (Jim)
  • Cancer: PTC (Post-transplant Cancer) project (Phases 0 & 1)
    • Financial support: Grant and special appeal report (Sylvia)
    • Web site content development progress report (Jim)
    • PTC site promotion at AAKP conference (Sept 24th thru 27th) - as noted on the TRIO web site with photos, the September TRIO PTC workshop and tabling event in Nashville at the Fall AAKP conference launching our new PTC web site was a huge success; also noted the redesign of the site with patient PTC success stories/photos

v Public policy committee update (Rodger)

v Old business

  • Board member engagement/committee assignments/elections/rotations

v New business/OPEN discussion

  • Breaking the 80/20 rule – opening a discussion on TRIO engagement
  • Special guest, Lisa Kory, TRIO Executive Director from pre-2000 days, spoke about the upcoming Rose Parade annual float where her husband will be riding with floral grams honoring his wife and daughter, both organ donors from unrelated accidents years ago; Lisa was urging eveyone to watch and promote viewing of the Rose parade and this DLA float.

v Meeting feedback and 2016 board meeting schedule (survey results) - our 4 2016 meetings will be scheduled based on an upcoming Doodle calendar survey along with the location selection for the annual face-to-face meeting - suggestions are most welcome

v Closing (9:30pm) - meeting closed at 9:40pm