Women: Help sought for pregnancy after transplant study

Are you a woman who has received a kidney, heart, or lung transplant? Have you considered a pregnancy in your future? Were you ever pregnant after your transplant? Have you lost a pregnancy after your transplant?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might consider sharing your decision-making experiences with a nurse researcher who is looking at this.

Dr. Jane Kurz, a nurse from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, is looking for women who would be willing to talk by telephone about how they made their personal reproductive decisions after transplant.  Your experiences will help other women who are thinking about pregnancy after their transplant.

What does this involve? Women who volunteer to be in the study will complete a mailed consent form, a demographic form, and a survey. Individuals will return these in a stamped, addressed envelope. Dr. Kurz will call you at a pre-arranged time that you said was convenient. Conversations will be taped. Here are some sample questions. “Tell me about how you made your decision about a pregnancy for you”.  “What information did you need to make that decision?”   A typist will type the responses exactly as they are spoken. Everything is confidential.  It is estimated that the telephone interview will last about 30 minutes. However, it can be longer or shorter, as you wish.


Participants will receive a $25 Visa gift certificate after the telephone interview is completed and they will receive another $25 Visa gift certificate after they return the mailed surveys

If you are interested in participating, contact Dr. Kurz at 215-707-8327  or jkurz@temple.edu. She can give you more information and answer your questions.