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UNOS Monthly Waiting List Report as of 12/31/13

                           UNITED NETWORK FOR ORGAN SHARING

                                    Monthly Waiting List Snapshot Report

 December 31, 2013

 This report provides frequency counts for certain demographic and logistic factors (blood type, gender, age, ethnicity, Region) for patients awaiting transplantation on the OPTN kidney, liver, pancreas, kidney-pancreas, intestine, heart, heart-lung, and lung organ-specific waiting lists.

The counts in this report are based on a recent "snapshot" of the OPTN Waiting List, i.e., the waiting list as it existed around midnight on the date specified.  The data contained in the OPTN system are not conveyed via paper forms, but are entered electronically by the OPTN members who list a particular potential recipient.  OPTN members have direct responsibility for maintaining and monitoring all data from the time a patient is listed until they are removed from the list. 

 Values of demographic variables are obtained from Transplant Candidate Registration forms when missing on the waiting list snapshot.

 Note that some patients are multiply listed:  at different centers for the same organ, or for multiple organs (e.g. kidney and heart).  The data in this report are not adjusted for multiple listings. However, the data are adjusted for multiple listings at the same center; thus, a patient is counted only once per center.   Therefore the totals reflect numbers of registrations rather than numbers of patients.  The degree of multiple listing of the same patient at different centers has been difficult to determine accurately, but is estimated to involve less than five percent of all patients and appears to have declined over time.  The currently estimated number of patients listed on the waiting list as of December 31, 2013 by organ and overall is as follows:

 Kidney                         99,254

Liver                            15,825

Pancreas                       1,178

Kidney-Pancreas           2,031

Intestine                           256

Heart                             3,693

Heart-Lung                         47

Lung                              1,608

Overall                      121,090

 The overall value is less than the sum of the organs.  This is due to the fact that some patients list for multiple organs.  These patients are counted under each organ they are waiting for, but only once in the overall. 

This report is updated monthly with full details (a 9 page PDF document) available for download here: