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Pgm # 121: "Interview with Nobel Laureate, Alvin Roth" (NKDO video) 10/21/2020

Pgm # 122: "Interview with Freakonomics: Stephen Dubner" (NKDO video) 10/21/2020

Pgm # 123: "Interview with CareDx's Dr. Peter Maag" (NKDO video) 10/21/2020

Pgm # 124: "Sharing and reading by author, Josha Mezrich" (NKDO video) 10/21/2020

Pgm # 125: "Presentation by Harvey Mysel on finding a living kidney donor" (NKDO video) 10/21/2020

Pgm # 126: "Prof. Abigail Marsh talks about the psychology of altruism and kidney donors" (NKDO video) 10/21/2020

Pgm # 128: "Skin Cancer Risks After Kidney Transplant" a BAAKP support group presentation by Sarah Arron 3/10/2019

Pgm # 129: "What do transplant recipients need to know about the COVID vaccines..." 1/8/2021

Pgm #07: Dental Considerations for Transplant Recipients

Pgm #10: Medical Hypnosis

Pgm #14: Transplant Tourism

Pgm #18: Medicare for Baby Boomers & Beyond

Pgm #21: Panel on Transplant Finances

Pgm #22: Back to Work Post Transplant

Pgm #23: Road to a Healthy Lifestyle Post Transplant