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Pgm # 126: "Prof. Abigail Marsh talks about the psychology of altruism and kidney donors" (NKDO video) 10/21/2020

Pgm # 135: "Interview with EXHALE book author, David Weill, lung transplant doctor" 3/29/2021

Pgm # 149: Survivor's Guilt (TRIO Phila & Gift of LifeFamily House)

Pgm # 150: "Supporting Pediatric Transplant Patients Through Adulthood" (by CareDx)

Pgm # 167:"Your Mind Matters: Managing Stress During Transitions in the Pandemic" 1/8/22 (TRIO MD)

Pgm # 185:"Transplant and Trauma, PTSD, and Resilience" 5/18/2022 (GLDP Family House)

Pgm #01: "How to live to 100"

Pgm #10: Medical Hypnosis

Pgm #22: Back to Work Post Transplant

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Pgm #27: "Intuitive Intelligence TM" Creating the Work Post Transplant

Pgm #30: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus: Even in transplant

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Pgm #42: hypnotherapy in the transplant patient