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Items tagged with LIVING DONATION

Pgm # 125: "Presentation by Harvey Mysel on finding a living kidney donor" (NKDO video) 10/21/2020

Pgm # 126: "Prof. Abigail Marsh talks about the psychology of altruism and kidney donors" (NKDO video) 10/21/2020

Pgm # 153: "Overcoming Financial Barriers to Living Donation" (by AAKP)

Pgm # 154: "Ask the Experts: Delta Variant & COVID-19 Boosters for Transplant Patients" (CareDx)

Pgm # 155: "TRIO Post-transplant Cancer presentation at the ITNS 2021 conference" 9-10-2021

Pgm # 171:"Living Donors & The Transplantation Process" 2/16/2022 (TransplantLyfe)

Pgm # 181:"Advocating for Living Organ Donation" 4/26/2022 (TRIO Philadelphia)

Pgm # 182:"Organ Donation: Taking Action to Save a Life" 4/26/2022 (NDO/CareDx)

Pgm # 183:"Physical Activity After Kidney Transplantation: The Barriers, The Facilitators, and the Current Evidence" 4/27/2022 (WTGF)