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Pgm # 101: full Tsai cancer interview

Pgm # 105: "Skin Cancer After Transplant: What to Know and How to Protect Yourself"

Pgm # 128: "Skin Cancer Risks After Kidney Transplant" a BAAKP support group presentation by Sarah Arron 3/10/2019

Pgm # 136: “Successful living in spite of the higher risk of cancer post-transplant” 4/10/2021

Pgm # 137 Cancer as a Transplant Recipient: Understand Your Risks and Learn What to Do (CareDx)

Pgm # 151: "Cancer Risks as a Transplant Recipient" (by CareDx)

Pgm # 155: "TRIO Post-transplant Cancer presentation at the ITNS 2021 conference" 9-10-2021

Pgm # 186:"Summer Skin Care for the Transplant Patient" 5/24/2022 (TRIO Phila)

Pgm #28: Skin Cancer Post Transplant

Pgm #75: Cancer & Transplant - How to maintain your health & well being

Pgm #76: The Long Road Back to Recovery

Pgm #79: When a patient becomes your surgeon

Pgm #81: Post-transplant Malignancies

Pgm #84a: Heart Transplant Patients and Cancer - Part 1 of 2

Pgm #84b: Heart Transplant Patients and Cancer - Part 2 of 2