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Pgm #42: hypnotherapy in the transplant patient

October 05, 2012
Nancy Kelly
certified hypnotherapist

Nancy Kelly, certified hypnotherapist, talks about the benefits of hypnotherapy in the transplant patient environment.

Nancy Kelly is a certified hypnotherapist practicing in the Philadelphia area. With a background in education and a passion for working with people on a personal level, Nancy knows how to tailor her services to meet the individual needs of her clients. Since using hypnosis in preparation for the birth of her first child, Nancy became a true believer in the power of hypnosis as a means for change and improvement. She has experienced and witnessed significant benefits from using hypnosis for self-improvement. As a practitioner, Nancy guides clients through hypnosis while helping them identify and address the root cause of their issues. Nancy is also a wife, mother of two, and homemaker, and works as a birth educator and doula in addition to her work in hypnotherapy.