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Pgm #36: Transplant Finances Panel

March 25, 2009
various transplant social workers and financial advisors
various transplant centers

Financing an organ transplant can be a challenging adventure, to say the least. To help us understand the many dimensions of this expensive process including the many resources available to help a family navigate the maze and face the bills, we have a distinguished panel of transplant financial experts. Our panel consists of: Liz Shore MSW, CSW is a transplant social worker with the heart program of the Jefferson University Medical Center in Philadelphia. Lynne Coughlin-Sampson, director for the National Transplant Assist Fund (NTAF - recently renamed HelpHopeLive), Radnor, PA, will talk about raising funds and assistance they offer patient families. Elaina Green and Audrey of the Temple University Hospital transplant programs also in Philadelphia, a financial director and a financial consultant with their patient support organization. Note: turn your volume up since this was one of our earliest recorded events and technology wasn’t the greatest in both speakers’ volume and picture contrast.