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Pgm #27: "Intuitive Intelligence TM" Creating the Work Post Transplant

May 26, 2011
Paula Gregorowicz
life coach

Paula Gregorowicz, The Intuitive Intelligence™ Coach talks about the 5 Keys to Successfully Reinvent YOU post-transplant so you make the most of your one precious life. Are you feeling like you’re in a restricted situation and searching for a way out? Are you tired of compromising? Sick of feeling exhausted as your true self dies on the vine? Then it’s time to create the spark that reinvents your life, career, or business. Participants will take away:

• The small changes you most need to make today to pave the way for lasting and authentic success

• Why LOGIC is a four-letter word and the worst yardstick you can use to chart your course

• How to use what you don’t want as a catalyst for what you most want to create

• How to turn your greatest challenge into future opportunity and more peace of mind right now

• Why you have more choices than you might think you do and how to capitalize on them