Rodger Goodacre

Rodger Goodacre

Director at large

Public Policy, Budget

Maryland Chapter

elected to TRIO board 3/2013

  • Family: married, has two daughters, lives with his wife in Gettysburg PA
  • Career: Spent 40 years with the federal government largely in the health care area in the administration and management of the Medicare and Medicaid programs
  • Transplant: Received a liver transplant in 1998 at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore MD
  • Other: Has been active for many years in the transplant community and served as the co-chair of the Hopkins patient committee and has worked with patient groups at other area hospitals

Rodger offers TRIO: Extensive understanding and knowledge of how federal and state programs can work with transplantation and background in public education and speaking to help increase public knowledge about transplantation and the important role that TRIO has in the process

Contact Information

  • 105 E Broadway
  • Gettysburg PA 17325
  • Phone: 717-337-2783
  • Email: