Elizabeth M.P. Rubin

Elizabeth M.P. Rubin


Chair: Communications & Scholarship Committees
Scholarship Chair;, Communications Chair

TRIO Philadelphia since 1996 (Vice-Pres 2010/11)


  • Family: married, two children, lives in Pennsylvania
  • Transplant: Elizabeth received her new liver in 1992 in Pittsburgh at UPMC
  • Other: speaks at schools and local civic groups on organ donation and the success of transplantation; medal winning swimmer at the US Transplant Games.

Elizabeth offers TRIO:  Elizabeth Rubin has been a member of TRIO since 1992, having initially joined the TRIO Pittsburgh chapter shortly after she received her liver transplant there.  She is the founder of TRIO Philadelphia and has been a member of the TRIO Board of Directors since 1997.  She served as President of the TRIO National Board for five years, and has also served as chair of the Nominating and Conference Committees (for the Seattle Conference in 1998).  Currently, Elizabeth serves as Secretary of the Board as well as chair of the Scholarship Committee.  In addition, Elizabeth has sat on the Communication, Public Policy and Development Committees.

Contact Information

  • 407 N. Swarthmore Ave.
  • Swarthmore, PA 19081
  • Phone: 610-544-4140
  • Email: pincusemr@gmail.com