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Special thanks to Astellas for their ongoing generous support of this TRIO patient education project

TRIO Transplant                  Presentation Library

(last updated) Nov 20, 2017

NOTICE: As of November 2017, the first 64 programs listed in the index below are in the process of being converted for posting on-line at YouTube and will be added as links here, replacing the text titles over coming months.  Come back to see progress in the weeks to come.

Free Educational Resources

  • Not able to attend that local chapter presentation? 
  • Missed a good presentation that you really were interested in seeing? 
  • Meeting presenter canceling at the last minute? 
  • Searching for a good presentation to offer a support group or public media event?
  • Looking to watch/review a topic of interest in your own home - TV or PC screen?
TRIO's Transplant Presentation Library offers an easy answer to those needs and many others.  With a wide range of topics presented by world renowned speakers, each year twelve new presentations are added to this growing program.  Presentations are on DVD's (and all recent programs are now available on YouTube for on-line viewing with the original 64 programs being posted for on-line viewing over the weeks to come...) that can be viewed on Windows based PCs (not MACs) or home TVs equipped with a DVD player.  Check the listings indexes below to see the many subjects of interest.  From discussions of presumed consent, progress reports by DLA (Donate Life America) on organ donor signups state by state, the latest in heart transplant technology or medical experts sharing on their specialties with graphic closeups of every type of organ transplant - they're all here for the asking in the TRIO Transplant Presentation Library.

How to View a Program
Each TRIO chapter has a full set of these annual volumes (12 programs each) that are offered as a lending library for chapter members.  If you don't see them at a meeting, ask your president for access.  Chapters are invited to nominate "chapter champions" who will be updated from the TRIO national office with the latest developments in this program to share at meetings, so the newest topics should be part of each meeting agenda.  Of course you can always check this web page for the updated index which also may show some "coming attractions" of topics planned for recording in the next few months.  In the most recent months, presenters have given permission for their talk to be made available for on-line viewing so you can click on their title and watch the presentation on YouTube.
Update: If you are interested in viewing any of the earlier video programs not currently shown as linkable in the titles listed below, write the program number with your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can upload that DVD to make it available on-line in YouTube in a few days.

Members at large (i.e., those not connected to a local TRIO Chapter) may contact the national office to make arrangements to view individual programs of interest.  There is no charge for this service and members can keep programs they select with no requirement to return them.  "Contact us" at the bottom of this page has address and phone information to make that request.

Program History

Across the country many Trio chapters host speaking events on many interesting topics. A new service of Trio national was  originally launched in 2009 as an aid to both chapters and patients in making such presentations available for wider audience. The library binder and the first program were sent to each chapter President.  Every two months two new DVD's are being mailed to each chapter containing presentations recorded from recent meetings where noted transplant professionals have shared on some topic of interest to our transplant community. It is anticipated your chapter may use these DVD  presentations at chapter meetings and/or local events as an educational resource. Our vision is that each chapter will eventually build a Transplant Presentation Library where individual programs on DVD can also be loaned out to patients interested in the topics contained in this library for personal in home viewing. Beginning with program #65 in 2012, all future programs were posted for on-line viewing via YouTube instead of those DVD's, thus making the programs available to the world and not jsut TRIO chapter members.  In November of 2017, a special project funded by Astellas began converting those early programs #1 through #64 to a format that could be posted on YouTube.  The goal is to have all 90 (currently ninely, but growing monthly) programs on-line by Spring of 2018, with links to each on this web page for easy use.

Library Ongoing Growth
Each year there are twelve programs being released monthly with the library annual volumes expanding in titles as more are added. A central index is maintained here on TRIO’s website so all members can know what is available from their local chapters. While these presentations in most cases may not have been professionally recorded, they still offer a valuable resource that can be shared in many venues. The recording quality of each program continues to improve as we gain more experience in the process of capturing these presentations. 

Open Invitation to Contribute
Chapters are invited to record and submit their own local presentations for inclusion in this central Library. While they were provided with the Presentation Library binder sent to each chapter President, you may contact the national office for details such as a release form for speakers and technical information on how to submit recorded presentations.

See the 'live' links to on-line programs below each annual index shown below, with more links being added as the on-line conversion process continues for those initial 64 programs.

Vol I                index

Year 1 live links:

Pgm #12 "NDRI: National Disease Research Interchange" Nov 2009

Vol II index


Vol III library

Volume 4 (2012-13)
(NEW FEATURE: click on a title to read the flyer with full program details)

Volume 5 (2013-14)
(NEW FEATURE: click on a title to read the flyer with full details)
Note: programs are distributed to chapter Library champions every other month,
so some titles while ready, have not been shipped out yet - see shipping dates for each program below

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