TRIO Board meeting Agenda & notes Dec 17th, 2015

At the board's annual meeting held December 17th, 2015, there were exciting discussions about board challenges both financially and leadership wise in the year ahead.

The meeting's agenda with edited notes see (bold italicized font text) follows:

TRIO Board of Directors
Annual Board Meeting  

Thursday December 17, 2015
Meeting by conference call 8:00 to 9:30pm EST

v  8:00pm - Opening greetings – prayer - welcome new board members & guests

v  President’s report (Jim)

  • Financial challenges ahead - completing another challenging grant drought year, the recent 'special appeal' and several last minute unanticipated revenues in just the last few days may result in a 'break-even' year with income matching expenses (more details in reports below)
  • CAB formation - Similar to the existing MAB (Medical Advisory Board) consisting of medical professionals, this newly appointed "Corporate Advisory Board" will serve as a consultant resource to the national board consisting of non-medical community members; retiring current national board members Mark Jackson and James Mateiko have accepted appointment to this group with Mark serving as its chair.  Both Mark (service of 6 years) and James (service of 4 years) were thanks by the board for their service and on-going support in joining the new CAB

v  Secretary’s report - approval of the Sept 19th board meeting minutes (Elizabeth)

v  Treasurer’s report (Susan)

  • Financial report for 2015
  • Finance committee’s proposed budget for 2016 - calls for focused grant efforts and optimistically projects a $10k revenue in excess of expenses
  • Discussion on distributing of TRIO financial data (Steve) - board agreed to distribute full year financial highlights in the February Annual Report that goes out to all chapter presidentsalong with several other actions resulting from discussion
  • Board member donation support (Steve)
  • Membership special donation appeal - partial results to date are very promising and along with strong board member donations and unexpected corporate and chapter fund raiser 10% incomes, and several 'checks in the mail' it is looking very hopeful that the "Urgent" message of Dec 3rd may in fact help close the $11k deficit outlook at that time.  A special thanks for everyone who contributed and offered ideas that is making this possible.  More details to be released after 2015 books close in a few weeks.

v  MSD report (Sylvia)

  • Chapter membership/dues report for 2015 (vs. prior years/trends) - with all active chapters dues finally in (2 finally arriving just a day ago) membership numbers continue to track level compared to recent years.  
  • Grant committee report - unanswered 2015 grant applications have been replaced with new 2016 applications to address new corporate 2016 funding opportunities
  • Discussion of grant revenue opportunities/improvement (board)

v  Nominating committee report (Jim)

  • Nomination slate for 2016 officers – open for nominations from the floor - no additional nominations were offered, so the existing officers were put forth as the voting slate
  • Voting for 2016 officers - same officers from 2015 were unanimously re-elected for 2016 (Susan: Treasurer; Elizabeth: Secretary; Steve: Vice-president; Jim: President) 
  • New board member nominations - with retirement of James Mateiko and Mark Jackson (both opting to serve on the CAB), the board voted in two new board members, Henry David from Clifornia, and James Bulalrd from northern New Jersey - see thier profiles on the web site under Board membership and CAB members)

v  MAB report on AMA activity forecast (Tom Peters) - MAB chair, Tom Peters summarized recent activity within the AMA looking to support studies of financial incentives for organ donation as a means of increasing donation rates, currently not meeting the demand of transplant candidate needs.

v  Strategic Plan focus 3-C’s topics:

  • Chapters: Improving TRIO Chapter health (Ron & Jim)
    • Vote to revoke NE Florida chapter charter for multi-year inactivity - the board voted to revoke the NE Florida chapter's charter based on no activity for past two years and loss of leadershisp contact;  efforts are underway to recover any remaining chapter funds as provided for in the TRIO chartering by-laws
    • Chapter development progress (Ron)
    • Revitalization of Chapter Council
    • Chapter health interview form
    • Chapter responsiveness
  • Communications: Insuring effective membership communications
    • Facebook activity update (Susan)
    • Constant Contact E-News distribution/readership analytics (Jim)
  • Cancer: PTC (Post-transplant Cancer) project (Phases 0 & 1)
    • Financial support: Grant and special appeal report (Sylvia)
    • Web site content development progress report (Jim)
    • PTC site promotion at AAKP conference (Sept 24th thru 27th) - as noted on the TRIO web site with photos, the September TRIO PTC workshop and tabling event in Nashville at the Fall AAKP conference launching our new PTC web site was a huge success; also noted the redesign of the site with patient PTC success stories/photos

v  Public policy committee update (Rodger)

v  Old business

  • Board member engagement/committee assignments/elections/rotations

v  New business/OPEN discussion

  • Breaking the 80/20 rule – opening a discussion on TRIO engagement
  • Special guest, Lisa Kory, TRIO Executive Director from pre-2000 days, spoke about the upcoming Rose Parade annual float where her husband will be riding with floral grams honoring his wife and daughter, both organ donors from unrelated accidents years ago; Lisa was urging eveyone to watch and promote viewing of the Rose parade and this DLA float.

v  Meeting feedback and 2016 board meeting schedule (survey results) - our 4 2016 meetings will be scheduled based on an upcoming Doodle calendar survey along with the location selection for the annual face-to-face meeting - suggestions are most welcome

v  Closing (9:30pm) - meeting closed at 9:40pm

HRSA Living Donation Support letter campaign

From TRIO's Public Policy committee:

Instructions for writing a letter to HRSA

These instructions are supporting a letter writing campaign encouraging HRSA to fund research promoting living kidney donation on a par with that done already for deceased donor promotion.   They provide direction for using the accompanying template letter of support for increasing living kidney donation which you can download by clicking here:

Please feel free to customize it as much as you’d like – the more, the better. The template is meant to be as easy as possible to send (you only need to fill in the highlighted parts, name, address, etc.), but the more you can personalize it, the more impact it will have.

In particular, please consider talking about your experience in the field of transplant, your thoughts on safeguards that exist to protect kidney donors and ensure their informed consent, why living donation is important to promote, and your reasons for writing this letter.

Please make sure to email the letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and either cc or forward it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. By sending to us, we’ll be able to track who’s reached out to HRSA and from where. You should also send a hard copy to Walsh’s address in the attached letter, but you don’t need to wait to send the hard copy before emailing.

Our goal is to get five hundred letters sent by February 1st. Please let us know anyone else who might be interested in signing that we should reach out to. Would you be interested in asking your friends, family, or colleagues to send letters? Each one helps to get the government to support living donation.

We plan on eventually sending the letters we receive to congressman and senators: please let us know if you’d prefer we didn’t do that.

We really appreciate your help! I know it seems small, but it truly makes a difference. This is an important first step in building a home for living donation in the federal government and making meaningful progress towards ending the waitlist. Thank you!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., TRIO Public Policy committee co-chair
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.TRIO Public Policy committee co-chair

UNOS News Archive

Note: compilation of all news stories on the pediatric lung allocation issue are grouped together several items down...

  • Participants Named for National Pilot Project for Kidney Paired Donation
  • Avoiding Confusion with Advanced Directives and Organ Donation - interesting article in UNOS UPDATE magazine
  • Center for Transplant System Excellence to Study National Potential for Future Deceased Donation; Federal Contract Amendment Worth Nearly $1.7 Million Over Two Years   As the demand for organ transplantation continues to grow, many key decisions in medical care and national policy depend on a realistic estimate of the future number of potential deceased organ donors. The Center for Transplant System Excellence, a new initiative of United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), will study this issue.

  • TRIO Patient News Archive

    9/30/13:  Girl who made wallet for Russell Wilson has heart transplant (
    Ohio Nurses Surprise Lung Transplant Couple With Hospital Wedding (ABC News video)
    Forty years later, man connects with organ donor’s family, celebrates Gift of Life at UK (that's Univ of Kentucky) (
    Sara Murnaghan story: Pediatric Lung Allocation issue news & resources now has its own special summary page (<-- click here). . .
    Competitive swimmer -- using grit and a lung transplant -- winning life time battle against cystic fibrosis (San Jose Mercury News)
    Love and the search for a kidney donor (CBS Sunday Morning video)
    9/16/13: Lexington doctor recipient of double lung transplant (WKYT video)
    Parents make blankets in honor of daughter's heart transplant (Tulsa World)
    Heart transplant patients who've outlived the odds ( San Diego)
    Widow of slain N.J. cop meets husband's heart transplant recipient for first time (CBS Evening News video)
    9/9/13: Long Beach Baby With Deadly Heart Condition Receives Transplant (KCAL)
    Kidney Buzz web site offers kidney related stories and education
    9/5/13:Local kidney transplant recipient (George Franklin)  in his 38th year (Cumberland Times-News)
    Investigation Underway After Heart Transplant Patient Overdoses (CBS Pittsburgh)
    8/29/13:Transplant vet Compton excels at life's stress (
    8/20/13: D'Alessandro: Erik Compton, PGA golfer who has received two heart transplants, spreads the word on organ donation (NY Star Ledger)
    Remembering 911 and the miraculous organ transplant that followed (follow the story links for more) (blog)
    8/12/13:Charles Washington Longest Surviving Heart Transplant Patient (YouTube video)
    8/9/13: Hopkins patient marks 30-year anniversary of heart transplant (Baltimore Sun)
    Transplant surgeon has someone else's kidney (CNN Health)
    8/7/13:Young Swine Flu Survivor Gets Kidney From Mom (ABC News)
    8/5/13: A Man with 'Three Big Hearts' (Huffington Post blog)
    Local boy celebrates 10-year anniversary of organ (small bowel) transplant (Fox59 News)
    7/22/13 Heart transplant recipient works to help others live full lives (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
    Kansas City, KS transplant recipient to compete in world games (KCTV5)
    7/17/13 Blaine family thrives after both daughters receive heart transplants (StarTribune)
    Living for 2: 'Nightline' Returns to Mayo Clinic Organ Transplant Unit (includes video links to full show) ABC News
    7/3/13: Indiana Woman Receives Second Heart Transplant
    7/1/13: Local transplant recipient to compete in world games (Muran is a TRIO Youth Circle leader)
    Teen waiting for kidney holds dance recital in New Orleans hospital
    Heart troubles haunt Oregon family's 5 children
    5/12/13 Mother and son heart recipients are grateful for their second chances
    5/6/13 Teen Heart Transplant Recipient Excited to Attend Prom
    4/25/13 Man Gets New Heart; Finds Love with Donor's Sister
    4/23/13 On-line ABC half-hour video series highlighting organ donation (4 parts)
    4/5/13 Air of Gratitude for Gift of Lungs (Isabel Stenzel)
    3/28/13 LKDN news: North Reading Mans Finds Kidney Donor On-line
    3/28/13 PBS video (57min) Transplant: A Gift for Life
      5-Organ Transplant Patient Gives Birth: Baby Girl
    3/2/13 Daughter's heart saves father's life and countless others (recent article of story from '94)
    3/2/13  Amazing Race Canada Audition video (by two amazing transplant recipients)
    2/28/13  "To me that's a hero" - living kidney donor story
    First full-face transplant recipient interview on The Doctors TV show (video)
    1/31/13 Organ Transplant Recipient Pays It Forward With Documentary
    1/29/13 Kidney Donation Over Age 70? Desperate Patients Saying, 'Yes, Please'
    1/12/13 Mother Hears Daughter's Heart Beat One Last Time
    1/5/13 Running Coach Receives Liver from 86 Year Old Donor (You're never too old to donate - see mention of several 92 year-old donors)
    12/12/12 A Day in the Life of a Liver transplant Team
    Penn Medicine (Philadelphia, PA) Performs 1000th Heart transplant
    11/29/12 Beating the Odds, and a Storm, to Get a Transplant
    11/27/12 New Nursing Job Board link added to TRIO's links' section (under Professional Organizations)
    Heartbeat: A perfect match in every way (Canada)
    11/14/12 Transplant: A Gift for Life (1 hour made for TV video)
    11/10/12 Newark NJ Heart Transplant Continues Despite Devastating Storm Sandy
    11/4/12 Rock Climber Exceeds Expectations After Double Lung Transplant
    9/16/12 "The Power of Two" releases 9/25 on DVD (<-- click for Amazon ordering page)
    9/11/112 Heart in a box (donor heart arrives "warm & beating" inside box) (video)
    9/11/12 Heart Recipient Shares Story of Hope
    9/3/12 Donor family, heart recipient reflect on Anniston police officer's gift of life
    8/30/12 Liver Transplant Patient Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Girl (an Hawaiian first)
    8/29/12 Highlight Video of the Transplant Games of America event
    8/26/12 Living Donor Kidney Lost in Rare Accident
    8/6/12Walking Miracles Abound at Transplant Games
    8/6/12 Heart transplant chronicle come to an end
    8/5/12 Young Man's Bile Duct Cancer Leads to Liver Transplant (video)
    7/17/12 Heart Transplant Survival News from John's Hopkins
    7/2/12 Organ Donation Has Consequences Some Donors Aren't Prepared For
    6/19/12 LA Hospital Denies Life Saving Organ Transplant to Medical Pot User (again)
    6/1/12 Who gets a donated organ? It's complicated . . .
    5/4/12 Grow Your Own Organs (ABC News)
    4/26/12 Lung Transplant Recipient Thrives Nearly 20 Years Later
    4/11/12 Philadelphia DASH: CBS video interview with local heart recipient, LaVerne Clark
    4/3/12 Dick Cheney Back Home 10 Days After Heart Transplant Surgery
    3/28/12 Parents donate part of their lungs to save daughter with cystic fibrosis in rare live lung donor operation
    3/26/12 More expert discussion on Cheney's age in getting his heart transplant
    3/25/12 Denise Crosby: Remarkable heart defines 96-year-old kidney transplant pioneer
    3/25/12 Good Morning America video: Was Cheney too old for a transplant?
    3/25/12 Former VP Dick Cheney receives heart transplant at age 72
    3/21/12 Dowloadable free speaker slides and notes for "Life - Pass It Along" offered by Bob Aronson
    3/6/12 Web resource: "Explore Transplant: Make An Informed Decision" (esp for those on dialysis)
    3/2/12 Lifebanc CEO Discusses Organ Donation (video related to Ohio school shooting and two students donating organs/tissue)
    Ohio school shooting: Lifebanc thanks family of Demetrius Hewlin for organ donation
    2/27/12 Organ donor uses social media to push her message
    2/18/12 60 Lives, 30 Kidneys, All Linked
    2/17/12 TV (video) Interview with Mary Wu, Rose Parade Rider/TRIO Youth Circle leader
    Valentine's Day UAB Heart Transplant Love Story

  • 2/8/12 Johns Hopkins Study: Seniors denied access to life saving organs despite survival benefit
  • 2/8/12 Kelli Jaunsen's 8 hospital videos (basis for her story in the book "Not So Brave")
  • 1/27/12 Justin Bieber promotes organ donation (news video)
  • 1/26/12 Best man donates kidney to bride
  • 1/20/12 New stem cell method makes functioning liver cells
  • 1/21/12 Champion skier Sarah Burke passes away, donates organs (video)
  • 1/20/12 Man with two hearts survives double sized attack
  • 1/20/12 Do you really want to know what your doc is writing about you?
  • 1/15/12 ITNS 2012 Transplant Nurse Appreciation Day Essay Contest brochure
  • 1/15/12 Transplant Nurse Donates Own Kidney to Patient
  • 1/14/12 ITNS adds "CMV and Me" to transplant patient education library (<-- click to see all on-line)
  • 1/6/11 Jacksonville Patient Gets Heart Post Helicopter Accident ( see TRIO's "JT" in video interview)
  • 1/3/12 Both Parents Donate to Save Children's Lives
  • 1/2/12 Facebook Matching Organ Donors and Patients
  • 12/25/11 The Greatest Gift (Parade Magazine article/living kidney donation chain)
  • 12/24/11 Heart Recipient Gives Birth to Baby Boy (Kansas City Fox4 video)
  • 12/23/11 Articles featuring TRIO's Mary Wu's Rose parade float rider story: article 1  and article 2
  • 12/19/11 TIME article: Should You Be Allowed To Sell Your Bone Marrow?
  • 12/19/11 FDA Approves Berlin Heart device for children
  • 12/18/11 Jason and Kayla in Domino Heart Transplant Story (video)
  • 12/15/11 Mary Wu blogs her countdown to the Rose Bowl parade ride
  • 12/12/11 Local news features TRIO's Merle Zuel in holiday video
  • 12/6/11 The Story of Babies Fae, Eve and Gabriel (pictorial celebration of infant transplants)
  • Intensive diabetes care cuts kidney complications
  • Cellular therapy for critical limb ischemia show promise
  • Study finds one in four ICD patients not on optimal drug therapy
  • Heart to Heart (donor family and heart recipient meeting video)
  • Baby Born to Liver Recipient Couple (both parents are liver recipients)
  • Video Report on Double-hand and Face Transplant Recovery Progress
  • TRIO Youth leader, Mary Wu, receives two kidney transplants, campaigns for organ donation in New York
    Mary Wu at NY event
  • Kidney recipient bikes 50 states in 50 days for donor awareness
  • TRIO Youth Circle's Mary Wu featured on Kidney Talk Radio (audio link)
  • Texas Teen Receives Total Heart  Replacement as Bridge to Heart Transplant
  • Transplant Team to Compete in Round the World Yacht Racel
  • Divorce Could Clear Way for Wife's Liver Transplant
  • Teen Bond Overcomes Girl's Heart Transplant Fear
  • Rare Dual Living Donor Transplant to Single Recipient
  • Living Kidney Donor Found on Internet
  • Longest living transplant recipient dies - Edith Helm, 76 - first woman kidney recipient (1956)
    Helm Sisters
  • A Mother-Daughter Donation: How Sharing a Kidney Saved our Family
  • UNOS kidney allocation concept document resources . . .
  • Kidney transplant plan would give preference to younger patients
  • Endorsement for UNOS Kidney Proposals
  • NY Times Op-ed: How Not to Assign Kidneys
  • White paper supporting UNOS Kidney Proposals
    (by Dr. Tom Peters, TRIO board member and transplant surgeon)
  • UNOS Kidney Allocation Concepts document  (PDF download)
  • NY Times article
  • ABC News report
  • New Rules for Kidney Donation?
  • Young People May Get Priority for Organs
  • Younger Patients Would Get Best Organs
    (note: see concept document and public comment feedback links under UNOS news below)
  • Lung Recipient Developed Donor's Alergy
  • NY Times Op-ed: Giving Life After Death Row
  • Transplant Candidate Upset About Closing of Shands Jacksonville (TRIO members)
  • Sister's Prison Pardon Dependent Upon Donating Kidney to Her Sister (ethical issue?)
  • World's First Organ Donor Dies at 79
  •  TRIO member, Mary Wu (TRIO Youth Circle), continues her wonderful book, "Confessions of a Kidney Transplant Recipient" <-- click to read the latest chapters

  • Chris Klug 2010
    Amazing Chris Klug is still at it - read his promotion  of organ donation at the Olympics
    <-- click to read story)

  • (New) TRIO member, Jackie Colleran (TRIO Ventura Co.), and her husband appear in video celebrating UCLA's 5,000 liver transplant achievement (<-- click to view)
  • Flying with a double transplant  (Jan 2010) - read bout TRIO member, David Grier (liver recipient in '97 and liver/kidney transplant in '07), and his flying goal achievements post transplant (click to download the inspiring JPG article).
  • AP 8/13/09: Tony Huesman, the world's longest surviving single heart transplant recipient (nearly 31 years) died at age 51 of cancer. Shortly after receiving his new heart, Huesman wrote these words: "It doesn't really matter how we die, when we die, or why we die."   "What really matters though, is how we live in the hearts and souls of those we touch along the way."
  • TRIO Nations Capital chapter founder and member, Claude Brady (heart transplant 6-89) is featured in this study report (click to download the 712kb PDF document -->): The First Patient Clinically Diagnosed with Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy
  • Rx & Insurance News Archive

  • 9/17/13: Drug May Work For Resistant CMV Infections in Transplant Recipients (Renal & Urology News)
  • 9/4/13: Old cancer drug prevents transplant rejection (Medical News Today)
  • 8/30/13: No Widespread Increase in Cost of Individual Health Policies Seen Under ACA (
  • 12/18/12 Grapefruit Is a Culprit In More Drug Reactions
  • 12/8/12 Study of Steroid and CNI Immunosuppression Withdrawal Post-Transplant
  • 12/1/12 Beating the Odds, and a Storm, to Get a Transplant
  • 11/23/12  Federal government releases long-awaited health reform rules
  • 11/20/12 Novartis' Certican succeeds in phase III liver transplant trial
  • 11/20/12  Why I Decided to Opt Out of Medicare As a Provider
  • 11/11/12 A consumer's guide to health reform, post election
  • 11/7/12 Living organ donors face insurance risks
  • 11/3/12 Summary of Healthcare Reform Effects on Patient Coverage
  • 10/24/12 New Kidney Patient Data Shows Strong Need for Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage Legislation
  • 10/24/12 Penny Wise, Pound Foolish?  Coverage Limits Immunosuppression after Kidney Transplantation
  • 9/4/12 An evidence based assessment of universal coverage
  • 8/5/12 Ingestible Sensor Approved by FDA (size of a gain of sand!)
  • 7/9/12 Easy to understand: Gout (history and treatment)
  • 6/30/12 What health ruling means next for patients
  • 6/19/12 Medicare Made Clear (video training resource)
  • 6/15/12The Reward for Donating a Kidney: No Insurance
  • 6/14/12 Blog: Our health problems will remain, despite how the Supreme Court rules
  • 5/21/12 Pulse Pressure vs. Blood Pressure
  • 4/26/12 3 in Five Americans Misuse Their Rx Drugs
  • 3/21/12 Generic Drugs Proving Resistant to Damage Suits
  • 3/15/12 Engineering Organs to Solve Donor Shortage
  • 3/9/12 Transplant without drugs (a study)
  • 2/17/12 New drug target found for lung cancer
  • 1/28/12 Stopping Prednisone Soon After Transplant Found to be Safe
  • 1/26/12 Why heart doctors are leaving practices and joining hospitals
  • 1/20/12 New powerful painkiller has abuse experts worried
  • 1/17/12 Daily Aspirin Is Not for Everyone, Study Suggests
  • Medicare Report from the Public Policy committee (Fall 2011)
  • How to know if your meds are counterfeit (11/10)
  • Why Anti-Rejection Drugs for Organ Transplant Patients Cause Hypertension (10/8/11)
  • New Regimen Frees Kidney-Transplant Patients from Dependency on Immuno Drugs (10/5/11)
  • Mistakes in Storage May Alter Medication (8/16/11)
  • Health Care Law Individual Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional by Appeals Court  (8/13/11)
  • Durbin, Cocran Introduce Legislation to Help Organ Transplant Recipients (36 mos extension plan)
  • Web resource for understanding lab tests
  • Medicare limits anti-rejection drugs that transplant patients need (coverage only for 36 mos) Part 1 of 2 - Part 2 of 2
  • FDA Approves New Drug for Kidney Transplant Immunosuppression (Belatacept)
  • Trial for Use of Stem Cell Treatment for Vision to Begin
  • More Cost-Effective Immune Suppressant for Transplants
  • Tackling Care as Chronic Ailments Pile Up
  • Before Trip, Make Plans... Rx's
  • Medicaid Beneficiary Tip Sheet (800kb PDF download)
  • Medicaid Part B Premium Cost for 2011 (43kb PDF download)
  • Medicaid Part D (Drugs) Premium Cost for 2011 (50kb PDF download)
  • Washington State Medicare Cuts Affecting Transplant Patient Meds - a call to action!
  • "Look out, your medicine is watching you" - 11/11/10: Reuters News reports on Novartis future plans for transplant meds with embedded microchip to monitor patient use
  • FDA Approves longer use of Valcyte for adult kidney transplant patients at high risk for CMV disease (<-- click for press release - a PDF download) - CMV disease is the most important serious infection complicating solid organ transplantation and a major cause of illness and disease during the first six months following transplantation.
  • Pfizer extends free aid to unemployed using its drugs through 2010
  • In an article published online on October 23, 2009, in The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, physicians representing the International Society for Heart & Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) Infectious Disease Council issued an advisory for all programs in cardiothoracic transplantation.  To download this 7 page (PDF file) technical article
    click here --> Advisory

  • LA Times 10/10/09: Opinion article: Healthcare reform without drug price controls? That's sick (<-- click to read article) Post your comments on the bulletin board
  • 9/2/09: OPTN/UNOS releases guidance regarding H1N1 and Implications for Transplantation
  • AP 8/13/09: Generic form of PROGRAF (i.e., tacrolimus) released.
  • 8/13/09: Astellas Prograf Value Card Program offered to save patients using Prograf up to $100/mo for each Rx for one year. (Note: not available for all plans, especially for government plans; call your Rx provider to ask about using it with mail order, but reimbursement forms are available from the program if your mail order company doesn't accept it directly.)
  • Roche Offering $100 Coupon Card for Cellcept users
  • 5/9/09: Generic form of Cellcept (i.e., Mycophenolate Mofetil) released
  • "Donut Hole" Rx cost calculator available: Check out ways to reduce your out of pocket Rx costs with this powerful on-line tool

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