00. PTC template for recipient testimonials

PTC Patient Testimonial Guideline

Outline for video testimonial

This 3 to 5 minute testimonial would be most effective if it followed the following outline.  Don’t worry about the time limit when making your recording or any slips in the telling as each will be professionally edited from the raw video footage submitted.  Just turn the video camera on with a close-up frame about the subjects face so sound is clearly captured.

Go ahead and get started by answering the following questions in a friendly interview style.  If it helps, you can have someone ask each question out loud just as if you were having a conversation (their voice will be edited out later).

Questions to be answered . . .

  1. What is your name (as you wish it to appear on this public testimonial – so either actual name, or just first name or any pseudo-name you might wish to use)
  2. What age are you now?
  3. What organ transplant(s) have you received – what year for each?
  4. How many years are you now out from your earliest transplant?
  5. What types of cancers have you experienced since your organ transplant?
  6. How many years post-transplant were they first diagnosed?
  7. What symptoms or tests lead to the discovery of your post-transplant cancer(s)?
  8. Were you treated for these cancers by a general medical professional (i.e. general cancer doctor unrelated to transplant) or a transplant doctor who works with other transplant recipients?
  9. Describe in a short story your overall cancer life experience.
  10. What lessons did you learn from this experience?  (we don’t offer advice through these videos, so this is a way of sharing what YOU learned from this)
  11. How would you briefly describe your life after dealing with post-transplant cancer?
  12. And final thoughts you would like to share?

Suggestion: some find that writing out notes for each question above as a reference is easier but don’t try to read your responses from those notes, just refer to each note before addressing that question on video – remember, this will be edited so taking time to read your notes does not require stopping the video recording each time.  Make it one long conversation without retakes.  If you falter or lose your train of thought, just pause and repeat that one answer again.  Have fun!

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