Thank You Letters

Worldwide Thank You Letter's to Transplant Nurses

Transplant nurses received worldwide thanks at ITNS Conference in St. Louis September 26th, 2008 and now you too can read them here . . .

Based on the interest by everyone in reading the hundreds of letters, this section of the TRIO web site delivers on a promise to post the letters allowing not only the attendees to read more of the letters, but also to offer an opportunity for nurses everywhere to share in this unique experience, extending the outreach of gratitude far beyond this single symposium event. It is hoped that nurses around the world, especially when they may be feeling overwhelmed with the work they do or recent events in their lives, could find comfort and support in reading the many stories and words of thanks here.

"I love visiting here and reading these thank you letters, and now recommend the site to my fellow nurses, especially when we are having a really tough day and need that loving reminder from patients of why we do this..."
- comments from a transplant nurse

Judy R RN

Thank you from Judy R., a nurse liver recipient from California.

Jim D.

a liver recipient in 2001

Jim D.

A transplant recipient from '95

Jane W.

A lung recipient

Jan F.

Her mother was a liver recipient, and husband became a donor


A liver recipient of 11 years


A heart recipient in '98


A lung recipient


A lung recipient


A mother of son who received a liver at 10 mos and is now 9 years old

George and Bette Ann

A lung recipient


A spouse of deceased heart recipient who lived 17 years of love together


A firefighter with a liver/kidney transplant in 2006


A mother of heart recipient son (new heart at age 4)


A kidney recipient, 1971 and 1980

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